Anti Aging Disease Prevention Plan In Your 30s

At this stage of life you should be laying the foundation for how well your body is going toanti aging in 30s deal with aging. This is a good time to start taking stock of how you live your life, and adjust your habits so you can stay healthy.

Things You Do That Speed Up Aging

The things that you do now and the habits that you have certainly can contribute to aging later in life.  And some of the things you do can actually speed up your aging process. Several of these habits have also been linked to some types of diseases.

What you need to do is to take an honest look at your life and the things that you do that you know aren’t healthy. For example, bad habits such as not getting the right amount of sleep that you need to function.

For some people, this might be consuming too much foods that contribute to weight gain. And at the same time ignoring the sign when the numbers on the scale go up. Some people have bad habits which can cause even worse problems such as smoking or excessive drinking.

Out of many bad habits that you can have, smoking is one of the worst cause it can speed up aging in both your appearance and body. One way that cigarette smoking speeds up aging is how it can damage your skin.

Why Is Smoking So Bad For You?

anti aging in 40sCigarette smoking is bad because it causes wrinkles. Some people think that since the smoke is closer to the face, that’s the only area of the body that would be affected by smoking. However, that’s not the case.

Studies have shown that smoking prematurely ages the skin on your face and also causes wrinkles. It’s also the culprit that causes wrinkles to show up on other areas of your body as well.


Why Cigarette Smoking Can Cause Wrinkles?

The reason that cigarettes can cause wrinkles is found in the ingredients that all cigarettes have and that’s nicotine. Nicotine is a toxic stimulant which is known to cause the blood vessels to become narrow.

When blood vessels become narrower, they won't be able to carry the right amount of blood to your skin. Without the right amount of blood to your skin it'll be lack of oxygen and nutrients that you normally get from an unrestricted blood vessel. So your skin will not be healthy and vibrant.

Smoking Can Also Causes Heart Disease

Unfortunately, your skin is not the only thing that get damaged if you smoke. By smoking you are vulnerable to many diseases that can rob you of your health and also take years off your life.

If you smoke you can significantly increase your risk of dying from heart disease due to the way nicotine affects the heart’s blood vessels. Smoking will impact the blood vessels that supply oxygen to our hearts just like it impacts the ones supplying oxygen to our skin.

Nicotine Is Addictive

Nicotine is a very addictive substance, for some people it is very hard to break the habit of smoking. Especially if they’ve been smoking for ten or more years. But it is really worth it to quit smoking in the rewards of how you’ll look and feel.

Even if you’ve been smoking for years, you can still make changes in your health right now. Changes that can prevent you from developing diseases in future. Giving up of your cigarette smoking habit is one of the best anti aging decisions you can make.

So while you’re still young in your 30s, you need to quit smoking and reverse the damages that has been done to your health. While it can be difficult to break the habit it’s not impossible. Many people have successfully quit smoking by following a few simple tips.

What You Can Do To Quit Smoking

You've to decide when you’re going to quit then choose a place where it’ll be easier for you to stick with the decision. For example, if you know that you’re going to face a really stressful situation or have to deal with someone difficult for a while, the stress from these can cause you to give up before you really even try.

So don’t try to quit if you know you’re going to deal with a situation that would usually make you want to reach for a cigarette to calm down. Sometimes having a supportive environment can help bolster the ability to stick to it.

For example, if you usually smoke when you hang out with your friends watching games at a sports bar, then you've to change up the meeting place. Even a small change like that can help provide you with the fortitude to stick to the choice you’ve made.

Also, try to find a friend who wants to quit smoking too. But make sure it's someone who’s serious but  not one who quits every other month. Because you need someone who can offer you the support that you need to keep you going during the trying times of giving up.

Do be prepared for the problems that you’re going to face when you do decide to give up smoking. Just the scent of cigarette smoke can really trigger a craving to smoke again. Know ahead of time what you will wan to do when that craving hits.

There's a lot of stop smoking products that you buy if you need help to deal with any nicotine withdrawal symptoms you’ll encounter.

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