Anti Aging Disease Prevention Plan In Your 40s

For many people by the time they reach their 40s, they think that the stage is already set and there’s anti aging in 40snothing much they can do about aging. At this point of their life, many people settle into a middle age mindset of relaxing their effort against weight gain.

This is the time when the “middle age spread” happens, it's the fat that may accumulate around the abdomen and buttocks areas during one's middle age. It usually starts during the middle age years which is around the 40s when people slack off on taking care of themselves physically.

The reason that people do that is because once a person hits his/her 40s, he/she thinks that it's no use  trying to stay fit or eat healthy. Some people will think that they should kick back and enjoy life by eating and doing whatever they want.

The Beginning Of Age Related Diseases 

Unfortunately, that kind of mindset can be the beginning of developing age related diseases. Just because you’ve hit your 40s doesn’t mean you should give up on your health. In fact, many people find their stride at this stage of life. They are actually healthier, stronger and fitter now than they were during their 20s.

anti aging in your 40sYou can be like that too. The number one and often most effective disease prevention plan at this time is exercise. It’s like the protective guard against diseases that start to creep up as you age. When you actively take part in an exercise program, you can prevent heart disease.

Not only that, you can also prevent yourself from getting a stroke. You can prevent the hardening of your arteries from happening and also keep your blood pressure at a healthy level. 

Alzheimer's Disease

Another common disease that often occurs because of aging is Alzheimer’s. And studies have shown that exercising regularly can really reduce your risk of developing Alzheimer's. The reason is because exercise benefits the brain and at the same time prevent cognitive function from declining as you age.

Colon Cancer

If you engage in a exercise routine regularly you can also prevent certain cancers which are associated with aging. One of the most common cancer is colon cancer. With regular exercise you can significantly reduce your chance of developing this type of cancer as you age.

Breast Cancer

By being physically active you can also cut the risk of getting other types of cancer such as breast cancer. But the types of exercise that you do does matter. You need to engage in regular cardio exercises as well as a weight training exercise program.

By following an exercise action plan you can prevent age related diseases, and at the same time roll back the clock on your appearance. 



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