Anti Aging Disease Prevention Plan In Your Senior Years

Early Detection Is Best 

During your senior years, one of the best way to stay healthy is through early detection. It is because if you know what's going on with your body you can increase your odds of preventing diseases. By preventing diseases you can live a healthier life and also boost your lifespan.

Most people know some of the common tests to get in order to ensure good health. However, as you grow older there are certain tests that are recommended, which are good to have, to prevent diseases.

If you feel healthy and not having much health issues sticking with the recommended tests for your age level should be fine. But if you've been experiencing some health problems, even if you think they're minor, it's good to get them checked out. That is to ensure that the problems won't become major ones.

What Kind Of Screening Do We Need?

At this stage, you need to get regular blood pressure screenings. Even if you have normal blood pressure the levels can change suddenly as you age. You can develop high blood pressure or low blood pressure. This is partly due to how well your body is able to direct the blood flow from your lower extremities back up to your heart.

What Kind Of Cancers Are Common At This Stage?

Colon Caner

At this stage do get tested for colon cancer. The recommended age to do this is when you’re 50 unless you have a family history of colon cancer. It's recommended to get tested every 10 years.

If there is family history of colon cancer then you need to be tested every 5 years. If you're a woman and had reach a certain age, you may assume that you don't need any more pap smears or pelvic exam. However, that's not true at all.

Ovarian And Cervical Cancer

Ovarian and cervical cancer can develop at any age, but you can prevent these cancers with regular checkups. Plus both are highly treatable in their early stages. During your senior years, you want to make sure that you practice self breast exam. Also you may want to get a annual breast exam along with a mammogram.

Prostate Caner

This is one of those cancer that the risk of developing the disease raises with age. If you’re a man, then you need to get regular prostate cancer screenings. That's because your risk of this disease also rises as you grow older.

Other Kinds Of Screenings You Will Need

You’ll also want to get regular cholesterol and bone screenings. In addition to those, you should get eye and hearing screenings too. With regular screenings, you can be warned of potential problems that can rob you of your hearing or vision.

Stay proactive and it's possible that you can prevent hearing loss and certain types of vision loss. As we get into our senior years, flu and pneumonia can have deadly consequences. So it's very important to protect ourselves against both.


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