Anti Aging Mind and Memory Action Plan In Your 40s

Anti Aging Mind and Memory Action Plan In Your 40s–For most people, after high school, they go on to attend college and then begin their career. This is the end of higher learning for many people. However, you might not realize that continuing to learn is vital to the health of your brain.

If you keep learning from the early stage, it helps to boost brain function and works to strengthen your memory skills. When you’re in your 40s and seek to learn something new it will be much easier than trying to learn when you're in your 50s or 60s. Our brain is just like any other organ in our body, it needs regular exercise 🙂

Why Do Our Brain Needs Regular Exercise Too?

The brain needs regular exercise in order to maintain its optimal operating ability and long term health. If it's lack of the stimulation of learning, your brain will not function as well. Take stock over the previous month period and ask yourself what new thing you had learned. Do get into a habit of doing that regularly.

If you can’t think of anything new that you had learned then your brain isn’t getting enough mental exercise to prevent cognitive decline as you age. So make it a point to continue learning to give your brain a boost.

Challenge Your Brain

Besides continue learning, what you learn matters as much as the fact that you continue learning. In order for it to be actively engaged, what you pick to learn got to be challenging to your brain.

What this will do is to stimulate the brain cells and continue to keep the neurons working properly. You can pick up a new hobby or continue with education-based learning activities.

Learn To Play An Instrument To Prevent Cognitive Decline

At this stage of life some people get involved in learning a new skill like playing an instrument they’ve always wanted to learn how to play. It's very rewarding, at this stage, to learn a new skill and music can be very soothing to the soul. I learned to play the violin in my 40s and it's one of the best hobby I had picked up 🙂

The brain's area of motor control is being challenged when you learn to play an instrument. Besides that, the area of memory function is stimulated when you do activity such as learning new chords.

Also, the good thing about learning how to play an instrument is that–you can continue to increase in knowledge through learning new songs, new chords and so on. So it really offers you many years of protection against age-related mental decline.


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