Anti Aging Mind and Memory Action Plan In Your 50s

Anti Aging Mind and Memory Action Plan In Your 50s–When you are in your 50s, it’s crucial that you have an anti-aging mind and memory action plan in place. And it's necessary to follow the plan  regularly. The reason is that at this stage of your life your brain is at a higher risk for loss of brain function.

What does that mean to you? It means that it's possible that your cognitive skills could decline rapidly. At this stage you could also have noticeable memory loss problems.


What Do You Need To Do

You need to pay attention to see if it takes you longer, than it used to be, for you to be able to grasp information.

Things To Look Out For

Observe if you don’t seem to snap up information as easily or as quickly as you once did. Also, instead of being able to pick up a new skill easily, you will start to notice that you need more time to go over things.

It gets harder to grasp or learn new things compare to when you're younger. It's also more challenging to maintain your focus on a task. You might find that you lose your train of thought when you're multi-tasking and also struggle to get back focus on what you were doing.

At this stage, you no longer have the same sharp memory recall that you once did. Things such as intricate points in a book, you used to be able to easily pick up on. But now you’ll have trouble remembering after you finish reading it.

Your once ease of pinpointing detail can become problematic. You won't be able to remember stuff with as much recall as you once did. This gradual decline in our brain hit at this stage because of the process of ageing.

What You Can Do To Prevent Brain Decline

At this stage of life, what often happens is that it hits some people harder than others, simply due to lack of a brain function plan in place. Keep your brain actively engaged in something in order to make it uses areas that can slow down with aging.

Studies have shown that one of the best ways to fight against aging decline in the brain is by taking part in mental games. And also the types of games that are played do matter.

The ones that offer more benefits are the puzzle based ones. And the most highly recommended games to fight against brain aging decline at this stage of your life are games that involve numbers.

Often the number games are based on mathematics. One of those game is Sudoku. It is logic based, number-placement puzzle game.

You've to figure out what the missing numbers are. Each puzzle is made of a grid of little boxes, it has 9 boxes width and length wise, so it has 81 cells. The puzzle comes with some cells filled with number. The players must use those numbers to determine what unidentified numbers belongs in the blank cells.

How To Benefit From The Number Games?

In order to get the most benefits from playing number games, you need to have a schedule set up to play the game regularly. Set aside a time, at least once a week, to play some of these puzzle games is recommended.

After you learn how to play the game and get the hang of it, there are more challenging levels you can move on to. By stimulating your brain function this way, through the use of numbers puzzles, you can improve current brain function. At the same time you can also prevent certain age related brain illnesses such as Alzheimer’s disease.


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