Anti Aging Mobility Action Plan In Your 30s

Anti Aging Mobility Action Plan In Your 30s–It's a common myth that growing older means you’ll have trouble with your mobility and energy. But the truth is it all depends on how you take care of your body when you’re younger.

Not everyone will have mobility and energy problem. You need to take care of your body early on in life and provide it with what it needs through each stage of your life. Then at the later stage you won’t have to worry about this issue. Thus, you do need to have an anti aging mobility and energy action plan for each stage.

In Your 30s And Younger

It is so easy, at this time of your life, to think that you can eat whatever you want and not worry about the extra fifteen or so pounds. The reason we don't worry about it is because it's so much easier to get rid of weight simply due to having more energy at this stage.

But the problem with that is– as you age, gaining extra weight is a whole lot easier. Before you know it, you can easily put on twenty or more pounds. And each year, if you add just a few extra pounds, by the time you get to your 50s or older, you could be in for some health issues.

What To Pay Attention To

You want to pay attention to the size of your waist. Take a measuring tape and take note of how much your waist size is and check it say every 6 months. Do this to see if your waist has increased from the year before. It can be easy to let excess weight creep up on you, especially if you’re not physically active and watch what you eat.

Most people don’t have a habit of weighing themselves regularly. Some people don’t do it just because they don’t like to watch their weight. While that’s good to free yourself of any body image issues, at the same time it’s also a good way for the pounds to add up.

It’s a lot easier to lose ten to fifteen pounds than it is to have to shed off twenty or thirty pounds. As you get to your 30s, you’ll start to notice that gaining weight gets a lot easier than it used to be.

People believes that weight gain happens at this point because of metabolism slowing down. But the truth is, at this stage of your life, your metabolism is still just as fast as it was before. Metabolism slowing down as we age is a misconception because metabolism is directly related to our level of activity throughout our life.

It would also be wise to examine other factors that can cause weight gain. People usually don’t realize that the actions which they’d taken led to their weight gain. The number one reason is eating more food than their body can burn off.

What Happens If You Take In Too Many Calories

If you take in more calories than your body needs, unless you're physically active, the only place these calories will end up is as extra pounds. At the same time you can raise your body mass index (BMI) level and put yourself at risk for weight related health problems.

When you take in extra calories and don’t use them they'll will turn into fat. That's why you want to pay attention at what you’re eating, be picky about what you put into your mouth. At this age most people are eating far too many empty calories, which are foods with little to no nutrients in them. 

When you were younger, it was easy to just grab whatever and eat on the go. But at this stage you've to check yourself, if you notice any extra weight gained then it’s time to stop and do something about it.

What You Need To Do To Avoid Gaining Excess Weight

What you need to do doesn’t take a lot of effort or make any big changes all at once. You just need to change up the way that you eat if excessive calories is the problem causing you to gain weight.

You can start with keeping track of the calories that you eat everyday. You can do that by using a journal to note down everything that you ate in a day. By noting down the calories of each food that you intake you'll keep track of your daily calories.

This is one of the best way to control any extra weight gain so you don’t have to end up struggling with it later in life. Also calorie counting is not as restrictive as some diet programs. By controlling the amount of calorie you take allows you to have the foods that you like as long as you’re careful.

How To Control Your Portion

What normally happens is instead of having a serving of something you'll get two or more servings on your plate. Sometimes it can be difficult to judge what a serving size is so it’s better to measure out your food.

You can use measuring cups and also get a food scale. If you know that you can't control yourself with certain kinds of junk food, either don’t buy or have it in your pantry, or only have the single serving sizes.

Be sure not to skip breakfast because that will affect your metabolism, and it can also makes you want to eat more food later on in the day. If counting calories is not your thing, then what you can do is find a healthy eating plan which offers meals that are nutritionally sound and packed with important nutrients.

Look out for high energy foods. High energy foods includes bananas, spinach, brown rice, fatty fish, almonds, sweet potato and more. Whatever diet plan you pick never get involved in a fad diet. This kind of diet is dangerous and can cause significant health problems.


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