Anti Aging Mobility Action Plan In Your 50s

Anti Aging Mobility Action Plan In Your 50s–By the time you get to your 50s, most likely you know that you need to maintain a healthy weight. Hopefully you already have a good, steady exercise program that you follow regularly.

At this stage, what you need to do is to focus on how well your muscles feel. For each decade that we gained, we’ll lose some muscle mass. You won’t be able to lift things as easily as before when that happens.

Probably you might begin to notice that you no longer have the strength that you once had. When you start to lose muscle mass, you will feel a loss in energy as well. Some people concentrate on building muscle mass when they’re younger but some people don’t.

What Determine Your Mobility? 

And it’s the lack of or having enough muscles that will determine whether or not you will have ease of mobility and energy in your 50s. If you didn’t put in much effort on building muscle mass when you were younger, that doesn’t mean that you can’t start now.

You can check yourself on the scale regularly but the scale will not break down your weight according to muscle or fat. By building muscle mass, it helps to keep your weight at a healthy level and also provides your body with strength. 

How To Build Muscle Mass?

If you do resistance exercises, that can help you build muscle mass. And muscle mass uses up calories at a faster rate than fat does. In turn, this speed up your metabolism which will keep the extra weight off as well as makes you look and feel better.

Unfortunately, at this time of life many people aren’t interested in building muscle mass. That’s a big disadvantage because it can lead to problems with mobility. If you don’t engage in some kind of resistance training regularly to strengthen and build muscles, over time enough muscle mass will be lost  to impact your ability to get around.

That is the reason why some people end up barely able to get out of a chair in their golden years. You can totally prevent this or even reverse it in many cases. Just by increasing your activity and strength training you can slow down the lost of muscle mass. 

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