Anti Aging Mobility Action Plan In Your Senior Years

Anti Aging Mobility Action Plan In Your Senior Years–During the senior years, most likely you will start to notice problems with your mobility and energy level. But that also depends on how well you had taken care of your health up until this stage of your life.anti aging mobility plan in your senior years

Some seniors will try to compensate for the lack of energy by taking multivitamins or supplements that contain minerals which will help to boost energy. While that is a good thing to do, it’s not as good as  restoring mobility and energy together when you need it most.

How To Test Your Mobility And Energy Level?

There are ways that you can test both your mobility and energy level. You can perform a self-check to see if you have to adjust the way that you perform certain tasks. This might be as simple as having to turn a certain way when you go up or down a set of stairs, because you started to have pain in your back or joints.

Or you feel tire after walking the same distances that you used to walk with ease. And taking breaks during the walk which you normally didn't need to. At this stage it's best to engage in fluid movement to keep your mobility and activity at a good level.

What Kind of Exercises Are Good During Senior Years?

Fluid movement exercises won’t cause harm to your joints and are perfect for people who are in their senior years. One of these kind of exercises is Yoga, you can retain or regain mobility and energy by doing Yoga.

anti aging mobility plan in senior yearsYoga To The Rescue?

Yoga is one of the best exercises for seniors to remain flexible without the risk of injuries when engaging in high impact exercises. Don't be fooled by Yoga's gentle movement, it's very effective in making your bones and muscles strong.

One good thing about Yoga is that you don't have to use heavy equipment. It's also good for people who have problems moving around. There are many poses that Yoga offers which are really good for senior to strengthen themselves. The low lunge pose provides great benefits–it releases tension in different parts of our body. It is also great for improving balance and building mental focus and concentration.

Another good Yoga pose for senior is to lie down on your back with your legs up against a wall. You simply have your backside against the wall and your legs raised up onto the wall. This will help with blood flow and relaxation as well as mobility. It also releases tension from your legs, feet and even hips if you've them elevated on blocks.

Below is a video showing the “legs up the wall” Yoga pose:

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