Anti Aging In Your 30s

Anti aging in your 30s! You must be thinking if 30s is too early to think about anti-aging plan.

If you want to slow down the aging process you can't sit back and wait for things to happen in favor of you. You got to take a proactive strategy with your anti aging measures.

That means educating yourself and dealing with problems that were already there, as well as problems you may have to deal with in the future.

Anti-aging is more than just our appearances. It's also our psychological health, sleep, mobility, and so on.

When it comes to the aging process, we have to come up with a plan of action that helps us live our best lives and stick with the plan.

Anti Aging In Your 30s

Appearance Action Plan

Getting older will not change your appearance suddenly. A lot of people overlook the slight changes in their looks. So it's better to be proactive when it comes to aging because it's easier to prevent and slow down the aging process.

It's a good idea to follow an anti-aging action plan throughout all the different stages of your life.

Anti Aging Plan In Your 30s and Younger

Often people think that they don't have to worry about preventing aging until they hit middle age. But the truth is that the best time for you to start your anti aging program is in your 30s and younger.

crow feet besides the eyeWhen it comes to aging and appearance people tend to think of their faces as our faces are the most obvious.

The crow's feet, wrinkles and sagging skin comes to their mind. However, aging is not only going to show through our skin, it will appear throughout our bodies.


The video below: How To Reduce Forehead Wrinkles With Face Yoga

The face yoga exercises shown here are really funny! But they work for reducing wrinkles on our face and especially forehead.


Signs Of Aging

anti aging prevent hair thinning

Signs of aging can also show through your hair. Hair thinning can happen in your life in your 30s or younger. You may also be unaware of vitamins or nutrients deficiencies that will affect your bone health and cause problems with your posture and mobility as you walk.

These issues can begin in your 30s or sometimes younger, they just don't show until approximately ten to fifteen years down the road. Most people want to deal with the signs of aging on the skin first despite knowing all the different problems related to aging.

The video below: My Top 7 Vitamins & Supplements For Faster Hair Growth & Thicker Hair

In this video, she mentioned the following 7 supplements to use for healthy hair growth and explained how they help.

1. Vitamin E
2. Vitamin B complex
3. Zinc
4. Iron
5. Biotin
6. Maca Powder
7. Collagen

No matter how your complexion looks right now, you can't tell what's going on beneath the surface which will age your skin. Besides age taking a toll on our skin but so will the damaging UV ray from the sun.

Even if you are careful about covering yourself, and never had a sunburn you can still encounter sun-related damage to your skin.

Besides sun damage, your hormones can also play a part in how your skin will look as you grow older.

So we need to pay attention to the aging stage that we're in as we grow older and gear the steps we take toward what our body needs before it becomes an issue.

At this stage of your life, you will want to watch for the things that can promote aging.

Your cells aren't producing as fast as they once were. Your collagen isn't as plentiful as before.

If you wonder what that means–it means that your skin is laying a foundation for the unwanted wrinkles to appear in the future.

Anti Aging In Your 30s

The video below: Essential Skincare Routine For Late 20s/Early 30s

  • Garnier Miceller Water–good for cleaning off makeup or buildup on your face before using a face cleanser.
  • Cerave Hydrating Facial Cleanser–a good hydrating face cleanser with ceramide hyaluronic acid.
  • Versed Hyaluronic Acid: good for hydrating your skin.


What We Should Do For Anti Aging Plan In Our 30s

So what should we do? We need to examine our skin and note any issues periodically. These can include things like:

  • loose areas
  • faint lines
  • sunspots
  • deepening grooves
  • and dry skin

hydrate skin for anti agingWhen our skin begins to slow down its cell production, it's harder to retain moisture. And the lack of hydration can speed up the aging process.

So what should we do? We want to make sure we have anti-aging products that will give our skin what it's starting to struggle with producing itself–moisture.

You've to use anti aging products that are rich in nutrients, also make sure that these products say they work to hydrate the skin.

You can prevent wrinkles and sagging if you start using a serum designed to tone your skin. Besides a daily serum, it's a good idea to use a night cream as well.

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