Anti Aging Plan In Your 40s

Anti aging plan in your 40s–the signs of aging are going to become more obvious when you reach your 40s. If you don't have an anti aging routine set up, then now is the time to do so. 🙂

If you've an anti aging plan/routine in place and you see signs of aging, you still anti aging plan n your 40scan roll the clock back. Often people think that when they reach their 40s they no longer have to worry about getting blotches on their skin.

Some people also believe that they won’t have the problem of breakouts at their 40s, but that’s not true. As we age our hormones change and that can have a drastic effect on our skin. So check your skin for signs of blotching periodically.

It's best to do this in a well lit place so you can see your face clearly and if possible use a magnifying beauty mirror.

If there's any sign of uneven skin tone it means aging is causing your skin to blotch. There are products available that you can use which can even out your skin tone.

Anti Aging Plan In Your 40s–Check The Elasticity Of Your Skin

elasticity test for anti agingChecking your skin’s elasticity is important too. You can do that by gently pinch different areas of your skin and observe how fast it bounces back into place.

During the pinch test, if your skin stays pinched together and only snaps back into place slowly, that’s a good sign that your skin has lost hydration and elasticity. So you want to use products that will work together to moisturize and restore firmness and elasticity to your skin.

One area to pay attention to is the backs of your hands. You can easily spot signs of aging there. If you extend your fingers out and could see signs of wrinkles, lines and sagging around the knuckles, that's sign of aging.

hands anti agingYou may also find some fine lines and age spots there. What you can do is to apply age diminishing products that are meant for lightening dark spots, restoring hydration and tightening the skin.

Due to collagen production slowing down it can also affects the hands, make sure that you apply collagen rich product on your hands. As our skin ages, it can look dry and without elasticity.

What Causes Aging Of Our Skin?

All these signs of aging are caused by sun damage, lack of proper nutrients, sun causes agingexposure to harsh chemicals, and dryness. You can look a decade older than you actually are if your skin looks leathery.

If you do use makeup, it's better to use the types of foundation that will offer you sun protection. Using products that offer at least SPF 15 protection will keep your skin protected.

When you're out in the sun it's best to use sunglasses so you don't have to squint your eyes, squinting is bad for the skin around your eyes. When you squint due to the bright light you're creating lines around your eyes.

If you use an eye serum you can prevent wrinkles and lines around your eyes. Don't go by a day without moisturizing your face, if there's one product you want on hand to prevent aging that's it.

Look for ones that will firm, hydrate and rejuvenate your skin all in one product. Don’t forget to make sure to keep your lips protected against aging as well because your lips need to stay hydrated as well.

Try to avoid bad habits that can contribute to the process of aging. For example if you smoke, it can cause your skin to develop wrinkles as well as dry out your skin and cause your skin to lose elasticity.

Anti Aging Plan In Your 40s–Changes In Your Hair

anti aging prevent hair thinningWhen you reach your 40s you’ll notice changes in your hair too. Getting older can cause your hair to become less dense. Also you might start to see some gray hairs. Hair thinning can happen even at this stage in your life.

Hair thinning sometimes starts from the center of your forehead allowing your scalp to be seen. The reason why this is happening is that your body no longer produces the same level of hair growth that it once did.

However this sign of aging can be reversed yet most women don't know that.

There are products that contain nutrients to make your hair grows fuller. Also use products that are designed to give your roots a lift.

At this stage of your life it's best to avoid doing things that can do damage to your hair. For example, coloring your hair with harsh chemicals or not applying moisturizing products on your hair.

Also, you need to watch out for heat damage, it's better to blow dry your hair with the cool setting rather than the hot one, and do not use a curling iron or flat iron for a long period.

As we age our hair becomes drier due to the loss in sebum which is our hair's natural oil. When we lost sebum, our hair will become dull and more susceptible to having split ends and other damages.

Eat plenty of foods that contains antioxidants to prevent aging in general and also aging in your hair. Vitamin A and E  and omega acids are particularly helpful for hair growth

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