Anti Aging Sleep Restoration Action Plan In Your 30s

If you're in a room with twenty or so people, you can be sure that more than half of them have some trouble with their sleep habits. Sleeping problem is defined as difficulty getting to sleep and waking up several times throughout the night.  Also not feeling refreshed or rested in the morning when it's time to get up.

If you struggle with sleep, you’re not alone. A lack of the proper amount of sleep can lead to health  problems and also cause premature aging. That's why it's important that you have an anti aging sleep restoration action plan set up.

If you’re in the 30s and you think that you have sleep problems, you can figure out where you stand and how to deal with it. At this age you’ll notice that lack of sleep will affect you mentally.

Signs Of Sleep Problem

If getting through the day is a struggle because of drowsiness then that's a sign that you're having sleep problems. A lack of the right amount of sleep can cause many problems.

anti aging in 30sFor example, if you're not getting the rest that you need you can feel more stressed out. You’ll find yourself feel stressed over things that didn’t use to bother you. You might possibly begin to experience anxiety, and feel depressed without being able to know what causes it.

It may seems like every little thing that happens to you affects you emotionally. That's because a lack of the right amount of sleep, you may feel like you’re on a short fuse. Most likely you'll have less patience with people and situations, and also you’ll experience a rise in irritability.

You may not be able to concentrate at work or at home the way that you used to. When it's time to  respond to things physically or mentally, you feel like you’re moving or thinking in slow motion.

Lack Of Sleep Can Lead To Other Problems

If you’re in your 30s and you experienced trouble with your sleep, you may assume that you can get back on track with your sleep without any long lasting consequences. However, that's typically not the case.

If you don't have the sleep your body needs you will set the groundwork for some health issues including high blood pressure, heart attacks, diabetes, strokes, weight gain and even depression.

If you’re having trouble getting enough sleep, you need to figure out how often you’re struggling and how long the bouts last. It's quite common that people have one or two sleepless nights. But when sleepless night stretch into weeks or months then you need to do something about it.

Remedies For Sleep Problem

It's common that people turn to over-the-counter sleep medications to help them with sleep problem before they will try anything else. That's a mistake because you're not allowing your body's natural sleep rhythm to have a chance to correct itself. And you can become reliant or addicted to the sleep medications to get you to sleep.

Natural Remedies

Thus it’s always better to try natural remedies first. The best natural remedy for sleep problems at this stage is to make sure that you practice good sleeping habits. Although there are many sleep habits you can follow, you should stick with an actionable plan that you can put into practice every night.

Make sure that you set a bed time that you stick with every day. If you stick with a routine bed time your body gets into a regular sleep rhythm and that'll help you fall asleep more naturally.

Try to stay away from stimulating activities before bed such as watching a TV show or movie that will  make your adrenaline kicks in. Also make sure that all the lighting in the room that you’re in is soft lighting.

anti aging in your 30sSoft lighting makes it easier for your body to fall asleep at night, whereas bright lights will make you feel more alert. You've to stay away from any kind of chemicals that are stimulants. This means that you've to avoid any caffeine at least a few hours before bed.

Caffeine Is Not Your Friend

Later in the evening the caffeine will kick in and thus make you feel wide awake. Also, you want to make sure that you stay away from smoking before bed time. The reason is that nicotine in cigarettes is a stimulant. So if you smoke before bed time and experience trouble getting to sleep, then night time smoking could be one of the reasons.

Alcohol Is Not Your Friend Either

Even though having red wine is good for your heart, it’s not a good way to help you get to sleep. Wine and other alcoholic beverages can make it more difficult to fall asleep because it will disrupt your circadian rhythms.

Alcohol disrupts the sleep pattern by causing trouble with your REM sleep. If you lose REM sleep, your memory function can be affected. If you've trouble falling asleep because of environmental noise you can consider using earplugs at bed time.

More Help For Falling Asleep

If using earplugs is not your preferred choice then you can think about using a white noise machine to drown out noises. One of the main reasons that many people have trouble sleeping during this stage is because their mind kicks into high gear as soon as they go to bed.

Their mind start thinking about all the things that didn’t get done that day, and all the things that need to be accomplished tomorrow. People worry about things that are going on in their lives or fret over relationship issues. Some people worry about job or finance related issues.

Whatever problems we have, allowing these things to run through our mind while lying in bed is a good way to rev up anxiety and cause us to have problem falling asleep.

Have A To-Do-List Written Down how restoring sleep can help with anti aging

So in order to prevent sleeplessness it can be helpful to make a tomorrow-worry-list. You do that by making a list of all the things, that need to be done for tomorrow, before going to bed. This simple step helps you clear your mind thus make it easier for you to get some much needed sleep.

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