Anti Aging Sleep Restoration Plan In Your 40s

Sleep should be at the top of the list, among the basic needs, in order for you to function properly. Not getting the sleep that you need will cause you some serious physical problems as well as emotional or mental problems.

Our body needs sleep to help itself operate the way that it’s supposed to. Sleep helps us to repair our body to get us to be mentally alert and able to function. Sleep also takes care of our body's many processes, such as cell production and hormones production.

What Happens When Sleep Is Interrupted 

When sleep is interrupted, these body processes are also interrupted. When it’s time for you to go to bed, your body prepares for it. For instant, when it’s time bed time, your body prepares for the release of the hormone called melatonin to help you get there.

antiaging in your 40sWhen everything goes well in your sleep habits, the melatonin produced by your body works to help you get the rest that you need. You can find out whether you’re getting the level of melatonin production you need by checking on how you feel. If you you fit any of the following symptoms, most likely your melatonin production has fallen off. That is a common problem associated with middle age people.

What Happens When The Production Of Melatonin Declines

When the production of melatonin declines at this stage of life, you'll find that during the restorative sleep stage your sleep patterns will be disrupted. Observe and see if you notice any change in your sleep pattern, and often the loss of melatonin manifests in other ways as well. 

Other Effects Of Losing Sleep

Besides losing sleep, you might also feel a rise in anxiety or depression. You might feel tire a lot of the time and some people will even experience fatigue like they’ve never had it before.

Some might experience mental fog like they are bit behind and can't seem to keep up with things. Other times you might feel more physical effect from lack of sleep such as having a hard time working out. 

This is due to the disruption in your sleep habits. If it's related to low melatonin production you can try taking melatonin. Melatonin supplements can be purchased over the counter at health food stores or online stores. But do not take melatonin long term cause you don't want your body to become dependent on it. 

Or you can try meditation to help you sleep. Meditation has been shown to be very helpful in calming the mind. It brings your awareness to the present instead of worrying about the future which is what caused sleeplessness in many people.  

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