Emotional Wellness–100 Things To Do Part 5

Have more sex:

have sex for emotional wellness

Intimacy and sex build bonds which will enhance your emotional wellness. Feeling close to someone will bolster your self-esteem and also helps you bond with your partner.

Stop chasing happiness:

If you're always looking for the next thing that might make you happy then you're missing out on the present things the could bring you joy. So focus on today and what you have right now.

Set weekly goals for emotional wellness:

set weekly goals for emotional balance

Setting weekly goals for yourself gives you something to focus on and a reason to feel accomplished at the end of each week. Doing this regularly can boost your confidence and at the same time help reduce your stress too.

Go for a walk:

Walking regularly may seems like a simple thing but it's beneficial to your emotional health. Walking promotes circulation and will enhance your mood as well as improves your fitness.

Learn to say “no”:

learn to say no for emotional health

If you always say yes to everything that is asked of you, you're overextending yourself and not placing priority on you own needs. This in turn can leave you feeling stressed and frustrated. Learn to say “no” if you can't or don't want to do something. Ask for help when you feel overwhelmed with too much on your plate.

Stay positive for emotional wellness:

think positive for emotional wellness

Having a positive mindset is definitely beneficial to your emotional wellness. Come up with a positive mantra that you can repeat to yourself when things get rough. When you sense negative thoughts creeping in, repeat your mantra and push the negative thoughts away.

Develop perspective about your problems:

When you meet difficulties in your life, the real problem is not the issue or situation itself but how you think and feel about it. By learning new or
different perspectives about your struggles can help turn a bad situation around, and allow you to better cope when trouble strikes.

reach out for emotional happiness

Reach out:

Call up a friend to get together, meet for coffee or just chat on the phone for a bit. Connecting with others provides the emotional support that you need at all times, not only when things are tough.

Touch others:

Just the act of touching someone you care about improves your emotional wellness. Hugs, hands holding, and other forms of touch will send important signals to your brain which promote emotional wellness.

Get a SAD lamp for emotional wellness:

SAD lamp for emotional health

If you don't get a lot of sunshine where you live, especially during the winter months, you should consider investing in a lightbox or SAD lamp. This kind of lamp expose your eyes and skin to crucial UV rays that are needed for mental and emotional health. Also, taking Vitamin D supplement can help.

Find a distraction:

If you are feeling sad about something, stewing over an upset, or can’t let go of negative thoughts, then you should consider a distraction. Break your emotional spiral by engaging in something completely different. Even if it's just a two-minute distraction, that can be enough to break the cycle and lead you onto a better path.

Find meaning after a loss:

Loss can be devastating and difficult to move past, try to find meaning in a loss. That can help you cope more effectively. There is always something that can be learned from even the most tragic of events in our lives. Including clarifying our values and taking actions that honor those who have passed. Try to find meanings in your loss, and you will feel better about the future.

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