Emotional Health–100 Things To Do Part 1

The following are 100 things you can do to promote your and achieve emotional balance for total body well being.

Cultivating Your Self Esteem:

Our self esteem is how we feel about ourselves and whether we are worthy of good in life. Protecting and nurturing this part of our psyche is very important to our emotional health.

Be Realistic To Yourself:

Don't set expectations for yourself that are too high to achieve, you're only setting yourself up for failure if you do that. But setting the bar too low will mean that you're settling for less than what you deserve. So focus on setting realistic goals that will help lead you to happiness and peace.

Try to get enough sleep for emotional health:

emotional health 100 things you can do

Sleep rejuvenates our body and provides it with energy, it also contributes to our ability to control our emotions and regulate our mood.


emotional health 100 things to do

Meditation is very effective at relieving stress, and it also helps you to get in touch with your emotional state and likely identify potential problems. Regular meditation practice can possibly guide you to check in with yourself and help you focus on what you need.

Practice yoga for your emotional health:

emotional health 100 things to do

Yoga is not only a great exercise but also can be a stress relieving activity that is good for your emotion, mind and body. Yoga relaxes and strengthen muscles,
teaches you mindfulness and connects you to yourself. Doing an hour of Yoga can be very beneficial, and three times per week is an optimal routine.

Share your life with someone else:

emotional wellness 100 things to do

People who have long time partner normally experience more joy and satisfaction by sharing their lives with someone they love. If you've a partner who makes you happy, that can even help you live longer.

Accepting yourself:

We are capable of many emotions, good and bad. So you are capable of experiencing all of them, not just the positive ones. Accept and feel your emotions, don’t fight them off. This will enhance your ability to process all of them completely and move forward from there.

Let go of anger for the sake of emotional health:

emotional health

Our past can hold us back if we dwell on grudges, resentment and anger. Releasing these negative emotions will allow us to accept what happened, acknowledge what lesson we learned from the experience, and then move forward without letting the toxic energy holding us back.

Be optimistic:

To achieve emotional wellness is about taking care of all your emotions. So dwelling on negative emotions can have detrimental effects on you. Be optimistic as optimism will teach you how to find solutions and recognize that most bad situations will turn around one day.

Evaluate your priorities:

If you are not feeling well emotionally, it's time to examine what you think is important in life. Then let go of activities and priorities which are not aligned with what you believe are important.

Be more mindful for emotional health:

Practicing mindfulness will teach you to focus on the present, which will in turn help you let go of past hurt and not worry about the future. Being able to live and enjoy the present can have great benefits to your emotional wellness and overall happiness.

Be more aware of your feelings and thoughts:

emotional wellness 100 things to do

Most of us pay little or no attention to our own thoughts, or how we talk to ourselves internally. The very first step to emotional wellness is to become aware of your emotions. Pay close attention to your moods, what triggers affect how you feel, and how your mood affects your behavior. Being more aware will allow better understanding.

Humor and laughter are therapeutic:

emotional wellness

Laughing is a therapy, it can help you release pent-up emotions and lower your stress level. Try to have a sense of humor about all things in your life, and you’ll learn to take things easier and thus find more emotional balance.

Don’t be fearful of your mortality:

When you do think about your own mortality, you are more likely to embrace the opportunities you've now, and make healthier choices today. You don't have to think about death all the time to appreciate the present, but don’t try to pretend it’s not going to happen.

Setting realistic goals:

emotional wellness

Setting your goals and working toward them is a wonderful way to build up your self-esteem. Figure out what you really want, come up with a plan, and then start working towards what you want to achieve.

Get a pet for your emotional health:

emotional health 10 things you can do

People who have a pet are generally happier because pet can make you happy. Having and taking care of a pet can also contribute to a sense of purpose. Pets are companions who provide comfort and joy to their owners.

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