Emotional Health–100 Things To Do Part 7

Here are a list of things you can do to enhance your emotional health.

Be kind to others:

If your outlook is positive and put positive energy out into the world, in return you will get positive outcome. Treat others with kindness and you will be met with kindness in return.

Balance your optimism with your resilience:

be resilience for emotional health

Being positive in your thinking is great but if you're overly positive it will make rebounding from setbacks difficult. On the other hand, getting over failure is as important as being positive, so find a good balance of these two outlooks.

Stick to your beliefs for emotional health:

Believing in something strongly is beneficial for your mind and soul. Whether it's religious or spiritual beliefs, support specific causes, or strong support on politics, having beliefs is important to your emotional health.

Embrace tough challenges:

embrace challenges for emotional health

Facing challenges in life and taking on the challenges will teach you self-discipline, which is great for your confidence. And being successful at something you find difficult helps you remain mentally fit.

Check in with others:

Asking others how they are doing and actually listening to their reply is a great way to make them feel better, as well as reminding yourself to do the same.

Make holidays your own:

emotional balance

Many people find the holidays very stressful and end up doing a lot of things in order to please others. Start making your own holiday traditions, focus on making joy for you and your close family. Holidays are supposed to be enjoyed, not dreaded.

Stop comparing yourself to others:

If you compare your life to others it will only rob you of the happiness your own life can bring. Don’t worry about what other people are doing or how their life seems to be perfect. Everyone has problems, we are all struggling with something at some point of our lives. Just focus on yourself and let the comparisons go.

Spend less time on social media:

less time on social media for emotional health

In order to prevent the comparisons mentioned above, consider limiting the time you spend on social media. Because everyone seems to be living the most perfect version of their own life on social media, it's not good for your emotional health.

Get rid of your toxic followers:

Unfriend or delete anyone on social media who brings you down or regularly upsets you. Life is just too short to keep those kinds of people in your life.

Be a friend face to face:

Instead of just liking or commenting on friends' post on social media, why not just call them up or see them in person? Or send them a personal message which is better than a generic comment. Face-to-face interactions always beat digital ones when it comes to emotional satisfaction.

Make a change for emotional health:

make changes for emotional health

If you've something not working in your life, then it’s time to do something about it. You don't have to live with a bad situation or something that makes you miserable. Start making the necessary changes in order to improve the situation.

Focus on your values:

If there are things in your life that are not bringing you joy or satisfaction, then consider if they align with your values. Frequently, we find ourselves struggling because our actions are in contradiction to our beliefs and ideals. So find your values, then assess your actions in comparison to those. By doing that it can help you identify where you need to make adjustments to improve your emotional wellness.

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