Emotional Health–100 Things To Do Part 8

The following is a list of things you can do to enhance your emotional health.

Seek balance:

emotional balance

We can't escape work, but we can incorporate love, play, and joy in our life. Seek to find balance in your life which will allow you to have time for all the aspects of a healthy emotional balance. Spending too much time in any one of these will throw you off balance. So think about how you can eliminate or makes adjustments to find a balance among all these factors.

Get control of your environment:

Your environment has an impact on your emotional well-being. So create a space that will bring you peace and fulfillment, not stress and anxiety.


emotional balance

Play your favorite music and dance your feet off. Whether it's getting funky while doing housework or let loose with someone else, dancing will reduce stress and help you feel better.

Thank someone:

Show your gratitude to those around you or in your community who do the work of helping others. Showing appreciation makes you more likely to acknowledge the gifts and blessings in your life, as well.

Get outside for emotional health:

get outside to enhance your mood

By spending just half an hour per day outdoors can definitely enhance your mood and elevate your emotional state. People who spend time outside regularly suffer from less depression and anxiety, thus have a better emotional balance.

Make leisure time a priority:

If you just can’t find the time to relax, put it down on your calendar. So start making time for your interests, hobbies and passions for better mental and emotional state.

Quiet the emotional chaos:

quiet emotional chaos

When emotions are high, get them under control using prayer, meditation or mindfulness work. With a quieter mind you can focus on solutions rather than wallow in negative thoughts.

Take some time for yourself:

emotional well being walk around neighborhood

Take a 20 minutes bath, walk around your neighborhood, or just sit outside listening to music. The important thing is get away by yourself now and then to reflect on your emotional state, and evaluate your needs.

Join a group for emotional health:

Find people in your community with similar interests by using online tools. So meet up with people who like to do the same things as you, who are interested in similar topics, or who share specific skill sets. Meeting with new people is good for your emotional state, as well as sharing your passions with others.

Get some rays:

sunshine for emotional balance

Go outside and get some sun cause it's important for your health and mood. You just need to be under direct sunlight 15-20 minutes a day for your skin to absorb enough sunlight to produce vitamin D which is very for your body as well as your mind.

Work on your resiliency:

resiliency for emotional balance

We can't avoid facing challenges in life, and building your ability to overcome the obstacles in life and move ahead is resiliency. Sort out ways to improve your coping ability in this area to enhance your emotional well being.

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