Improve Your Diet In 100 Ways Part 3

Here are many ways to help you improve your diet and may be shed some weight, they are also easy to incorporate into your daily life. 

Allow Yourself A Cheat Day indulge in chocolate

Treat yourself to a cheat day once in a while. Having a cheat day sometimes will allow you to have a break to enjoy the foods you love. 


When You Eat Think About A Purpose 

When you eat don't do that just for satisfying a hunger or craving. Try to think about a purpose when you eat, such as to increase your energy level or make yourself healthier. 

Be A Vegetarian For One Day To Improve Your Diet be vegetarian to improve your diet

Be a vegetarian once a week or every two weeks. By doing that you'll increase your veggie intake and also give your body a break from meats which are harder to digest. 


Savor And Enjoy Your Coffee

Coffee is actually good for us. Research has shown that coffee does provide stimulation to our mind, boost our metabolism, good for our heart and provides antioxidants. 

Keep Track Of Your Meals

By keeping track of your meals can help you manage what you eat and plan out  a healthier approach. 

Include Protein with Every Meal white_chicken_meat

Try to have some protein in every meal. For example you can have a shake for breakfast, salad with seeds and nuts for lunch, and a lean meat with veggie for dinner. Protein is more satiating thus helps you keep your calories under control. 

Eat Fish!

Fish is a good source of omega-3 fatty acids which is very important for our brain health and overall wellness. 

Use Social Media For Healthy Eating Ideas youtube for learning to improve your diet

If you have no idea where to begin for your healthy eating plan or recipes, check out YouTube channels or Facebook groups which focus on healthy eating. 



Cut Down Your Food Portion

Try cutting down your food portion slowly, it may be difficult to cut down drastically at once but by doing it slowly you'll get use to it. 

Switch To Whole Grains whole grains

By switching to whole grains you will include more nutrients into your diet. Whole grains are richer in fiber, vitamins and minerals, these nutrients are crucial for preventing different diseases.

Why Not Add Green Tea To Your Diet?

Green tea is really good for improving your diet because it has many antioxidants and nutrients that have been known to fight diseases. For example, it helps to reduce the risk of cancer, enhances our brain function and also help to increase fat loss. 

Include Exercise lady exercising

Exercise is good for your overall health and also very important for your digestive system. It helps to improve sluggish intestines by increasing circulation throughout your body. 


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