Do Natural Metabolism Boosters Burn Fat Passively?

Are there natural metabolism boosters that will burn fat passively?

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If you are trying to lose weight, one of the things that you want to focus on is improving your metabolic rate.  

increase metabolismOnce you improve your body's metabolic rate, your body's fat and calorie-burning potential will increase. 

Improved metabolism and improved fat-burning rate work in tandem. Therefore, by following the tips in this article you can speed up your metabolism and burn fat passively. 

You may be wondering if there is any natural metabolism booster. The answer is YES. You don't need any vitamins to boost metabolism, all you need is to put in some work 🙂

Natural Metabolism Boosters

Lift Some Weightslift weight

By lifting weights I don't mean the professional equipment that you will find in the gyms. Even if it is just carrying regular things you have at home, it can be considered as weight-lifting.

But make sure that the things you lift are slightly heavy. By lifting heavy objects you will maintain your body's muscle mass and in turn improve your metabolism.

Improve your metabolism you will be able to burn fat passively. 

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Drink Green Or Ooolong Tea

Green tea is known for good health but that's not all, it is great for boosting metabolism and helping with weight loss. It is also great at improving your body's fat-burning capacity.

This may be due to the antioxidants called catechins, in green tea, which help to boost your metabolism and fat burning capability. green tea to increase metabolism

Oolong tea also has the same effect as green tea in terms of speeding up metabolism and fat burning of the body. So drink your tea!

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Do High-Intensity Interval Training

Also known as HIIT, this kind of exercise is considered to be better than other forms of physical training to help boost your metabolism. 

high intensity interval training And the good thing about HITT is that you can burn a considerable amount of calories long after the training is over. Even though these exercises are quick,  they are designed to be intense and strenuous. 

Studies suggest that if you consistently engage in HIIT training, it can help you reduce weight and burn fat. These quick bursts of intense workout can definitely boost your metabolism, do HITT at least 3 times per week. 

By consistently doing HITT training you will be able to burn fats passively while boosting your metabolism. 

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Drink Cold Water water is natural metabolism booster

Having enough water in your system is very important for a healthy metabolism. This health benefit may be even greater if you drink cold water. The reason is that your body uses energy to heat up the cold water to body temperature.

Stand Up Instead Of Sitting

For many of us, we are so used to sitting all day long at work that we never think twice about it. Sitting for a long period of time is not only detrimental to your health but also bad for your metabolism. natural metabolism booster

Try standing up more, if you have a desk job think about switching your desk to a standing desk which you can adjust the height of the desk. 

Eat Spicy Food

chili pepper natural metabolism boosterPepper contains capsaicin which is a substance that can boost your metabolism naturally. However, people do not eat enough pepper or can't tolerate enough to the dose to have a significant effect.

But if you combine this with other natural metabolism boosters you will definitely reap some benefits. 

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Get Enough Sleepsleep is a natural metabolism booster

Lack of sleep has been linked to many health problem such as obesity, high blood pressure, increase blood sugar level and insulin resistance. 

Sleep deprivation will also affect your hunger hormone ghrelin, it makes your body produce more ghrelin. This hormone stimulates appetite, increases food intake and promotes fat storage.

So get your beauty sleep in order to have a healthy metabolism 🙂

Use Coconut In Your Diet

coconut oil for healthy metabolismCoconut oil is high in medium-chain fats which can increase metabolism more than other saturated fat like butter. It also has many health benefits such as boosting good cholesterol and controlling blood sugar levels. 

It is easy to include coconut oil in your diet. You can use it as your cooking oil, it has a high smoke point which makes it perfect for high-temperature cooking. You can use coconut butter as a spread on toast. 

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Eat Berries

Berries are full of antioxidants that are vital to your immune system, and they also help curb craving. Which will help you lower your blood sugar levels.

Being high in fiber and complex carbohydrates berries will help boost your metabolism. Fiber helps speed up your digestive system's process, thus keeping your system clean and your metabolism healthy. 

Includes Ginger In Your Diet

ginger is natural metabolism boosterThis pungent root is a digestive health booster and also a natural metabolism booster. It is thermogenic which means it is a warming food and it will give your metabolism a boost. 

Cut Down Inflammatory Food

Some foods will slow down functions and at the same time increase free radical damage. Free radical damage is ultimately what causes aging. 

These inflammatory foods are really good at slowing down your metabolism too. Try to avoid processed foods as they are inflammatory to the body. 

best metabolism boosterFill you diet with a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables especially the bright color ones as they are rich in antioxidants. Fresh produce is also high in fiber which is great for keeping your system clean and metabolism healthy. 


So there are many natural metabolism boosters that you can incorporate into your daily diet or routine. These boosters will give your metabolism a lift and at the same time help you burn fat passively

There is no best metabolism booster, you have to eat the right kind of foods and lead a healthy lifestyle in order to boost your metabolism. And you don't need any metabolism booster supplement. 

Don't forget to do your weight training regularly to maintain muscle mass. Don't you love those lean muscles on your biceps, triceps, and shin? I love to look at the mirror admiring my lean muscles 🙂

The muscle mass will help your body maintain a healthy metabolism and improve fat burning.



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