Will Fat Make You Fat When Paired With Carbohydrates?

will fat make you fat when paired with carbohydrate?

Will fat makes you fat when paired with carbohydrates? That's something we wonder when we try to lose weight. 

Fat is actually not the culprit when it comes to what makes you fat. It has been accused as the one for years due to the misinformation we were provided.

Actually fat began to get a bad rap about the same time the food industry introduced readily available carbs. These are cookies, chips, breakfast cereals, popcorn, etc. 

As the consumption of these readily available refined carbs rises so did the cases of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and a range of metabolic disorders.

So what is the verdict about fat making you fat when paired with carbs? Read on and find out the truth for yourself 🙂

Insulin Is The Boss Behind The Scenes

insulin to control blood sugar levelWhen we eat something, doesn't matter it's carb, fat or protein, it doesn't turn into fuel for our body automatically. For example, our bodies need insulin to convert glucose (from carbohydrate) into energy. 

Insulin is a very important hormone with the role of ensuring nutrients get to where they are supposed to go. This makes sure that our cells and organs are functioning well with the nutrients provided. 

When we eat too many carb-heavy foods our insulin starts to work overtime. Consequently, with frequent carb-heavy food consumption, our bodies store excess carb into our cells particularly fats cells for later use. 

What is worse is when we eat too many carb-heavy foods over a long period of time. Our bodies become insulin resistant, which is when cells in our fat, muscles and liver don't respond well to insulin and can't use glucose from our blood for energy. 

Insulin resistance can lead to problems like type 2 diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol.

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Fats Are Not Meant To Be Stored

Research has shown that during the stone age our ancestors were lean and fish for low carb diethealthy, thanks to a diet relying on lean meat, fish, and plant source. Their diets were not carbohydrate-heavy, resulting in their higher fat metabolism. 

Their diets were mainly made up of wild animals, a variety of plants, dug up tubers, picked grains, and wild berries. That resulted in metabolism that burned fats for fuel, that is the way it should be to stay lean and healthy. 

With a modern, carbohydrates heavy diet, fats can't be burned or used up as fuel because our bodies use carb instead. 

Only during a low carb diet like a ketogenic diet will our bodies uses fat as a primary energy source instead of using carb. 

Fats Will Not Cause Your Body To Release Insulin 

You can eat all the fat you want and will not experience a surge of insulin in your body. A typical modern diet normally consist of both carbohydrate and fat, leading to storage of both in the cells until they are needed. 

Without carb in a diet and associated insulin spikes, our bodies are capable of burning off fats and not storing the fats in our cells. 

Will Fat Make You Fat When Paired With Carbohydrates? Conclusion

will pairing fat with carb make you fat?The truth is fat is actually not bad for you by itself, rather only when under insulin’s grasp.  

The fact is that a diet high in protein and fats, extremely low in carbs will promote weight loss and offer some health benefits. One such diet is the ketogenic diet.  

Many studies have shown that low carb diets to be more effective in reducing weight and lowering cholesterol levels when compared to low-fat diets. Low carb diets are also more effective for burning body fat. 

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A Sample Ketogenic Diet Meal Plan:

will fat makes you fat when eaten with carb?
will eating fat with carb make you gain weight?

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